October 21, 2005

W.B.S.Classic 2005 Photo Essay

wbsclassic-ebi.gif°°The Photo Essay of W.B.S.Classic 2005 is now up on the web.

+W.B.S.°°Classic 2005 Photo Essay

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Japan International SportFishing Show 2005 Photo Essay

The Photo Essay of Japan International SportFishing Show 2005 is up.


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October 05, 2005

Fukushima won the tourney, Fujiki received the AOY title/ JB TOP 50 5th: Final

JB TOP50 Fianl match finished. Naoto Kawaguchi was catching quite good on the past 2 days, but this day, he only weight-inned 1 fish. Instead, 2nd place from elimination race, Ken Fukushima, came from the back to capture the win, he bought 2268g, fished 27-30ft of water. All TOP 50 tournaments were done, and Jun Fujiki became the first AOY of the category.


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October 01, 2005

Kawaguchi made the cut first/ JB TOP 50 5th: DAY 2

The DAY 2 of the 5th event of JB TOP50 was held on Lake Hibara. It was the elimination day for anglers; only top 30 will fish tomorrow. Miyoshi Takeuchi bought 2970g, the top weight of the day. It was talked that the weather changed and was difficult to catch more than 2500g. Yet 4 anglers caught 2.5kg or more. DAY1°«s top finisher, Naoto Kawaguchi remained to go Final for 2 day total.


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September 30, 2005

Kwaguchi weight-inned 3kg of smalls/ JB TOP 50 5th: DAY1

The last event of 5 of JB TOP 50 Series just started at Lake Hibara, Japan, one of the most famous fisheries for smallmouths in this country. This day, anglers faced a rapid water temperature drop with the strong fall turn-over. However, 32 made their limits, and Naoto Kawaguchi weight-inned solid 2996g for 5 smallies. Yoshizo Akamine, the 4th event winner came to 2nd on DAY 1.


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September 26, 2005

Ebihara bacame Champion at last/ W.B.S. Classic 2006: Final

wbsclassic052-1.jpgThe 14th W.B.S. Classic final day was extremely windy. It blew 25 m/sec, which is 55.93 mile/h. The anglers union discussed about opening the final day with W.B.S. officials again. Officials drew a map with the coming eye of the typhoon and explained the direction it was moving and the arrival time that came close to the lake at most. They said °»you are a bunch of pro anglers who can drive rough water and can think it°«s dangerous or not if you wanna go far. Suppose you think it°«s unsafe, you wouldn°«t need to go far. You can weight-in earlier. It°«s up to you whether open it or not.°… Union raised a hand to call to open it. However, once they went just outside the marina, there were incredibly large rolling swells. 1 second after they departed, they got all wet. As it was predicted, almost all anglers couldn°«t go to their main spots. One managed to go through 6 ft of waves to the other side of the lake and found dead clam spot in creek. He was the winner of the Classic, Hideo Ebihara, weight-inned 3870g for 6 bass. He finished 2nd in 3 tournaments of 4 this year, was actually 2nd place for the AOY race in the past 3 years on a row. Finally, he received a big title.


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September 25, 2005

Thunderstorm didn't affect much as we expected/ W.B.S. Classic 2006

wbsclassic05-2-2.jpgwbsclassic05-1-2.jpgIt was W.B.S.°«s 14th annual Classic opened at Lake Kasumi, Japan, from Sept. 24th to 25th. There should be 22 anglers competing the event, but some pre-qualified anglers also got their spots from AOY standing. Since the organization don°«t go down the list of AOY to set all 22 angler spots, 19 anglers entered the tournament for this year. At last year°«s Classic, they had a typhoon going over the lake; thus, the 1st day of the event was canceled. This year, there was another thunderstorm coming close. The anglers union and tournament officials discussed of whether they call it cancel or not. But they decided to open the DAY1. It was really windy, but 8 managed to make their limits. Yusuke Murakawa brought 7 fish for 5540g to lead the day. He said °»I concerned about the wind, but it didn°«t affect to my spots.°… On the contrary, 2nd place Hideo Ebihara commented °»I couldn°«t do the things that I really wanted.°…


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September 17, 2005

Akamine's first win/ JB TOP 50 3rd event: Final Day

The final competition day of JB TOP 50 Series 3rd event was held today on Lake Kizaki. The event was supposed to be opened at a different lake yet rescheduled and moved to a new lake. The TOP 50 event is basically a 3 day competition. But this time, it was done as a 2 day tourney. The weather changed from the Day 1. No wind, sunny sky affected to anglers' fishing patterns. Many finished zero, but Yoshizo Akamine, the first day leader, managed to weight-in 2 fish for 640g. He panned out the big lead from Day 1, he experienced his first winning of his career. 2nd place: Shingo Watanabe, 3rd: Mitsushiro Takeuchi, 4th: Tsuguhiko Komori, 5th: Jun Fujiki.

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September 16, 2005

16 zeroed, 5 made limit/ JB TOP 50 3rd event: DAY 1

The 3rd event of JB TOP50 Series, the top category of the Japan's largest organization, began on September 15th, 2005. This trail takes 5 tournaments per year, yet the it's first and third event were canceled because of swelling to dangerous levels of water on planned tournament reservoirs. This is a substitute tournament opened in Lake Kizaki, Nagano, Japan, which mixes both largemouth and smallmouth. It's been quite tough to fish now due to the transition from summer pattern to fall. 16 out of 50 anglers zeroed, but Yoshizo Akamine weight-inned a 5 smallmouth limit for 3438g. He was one of 5 limitmakers on DAY 1.


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September 09, 2005

Hiruchi became the Queen again/ J.L.B.A. 2005 3rd event

jlba05-3-2.jpgJapan's only woman angler organization, J.L.B.A., saluted its second year for its trail. The final event of its 2005 season was held at Kagato River, Chiba on September 9th, 2005. In this summer, the area of the river did not have rain much. Therefore, the water clarity was clear even though it is usually muddy. On the other hand, the temperature has been up like mid 80's for this summer. As a result, fishing had been very tough. The only hope anglers had was the coming of the cold front, which actually devastated the western side of Japan very next day. The leading angler of AOY points, Ayako Ashida, came back with an empty bag. Then, last year's AOY, Chiho, Higuchi, brought a solid 5 bass limit of 3740g, and she took another crown of AOY 2 years in a row. She used the techniques of flipping Fat Ika (Gary Yamamoto) to thick covers.


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Japan's largest Open tourney schedule is up now

open2005-logo.jpg Japan's largest bass fishing open tournament, "Lake Tojo Open 2005," will be held in Hyogo prefecture's Lake Tojo on October 16th, 2005. According to Team Best Run, the tourney offical, they had more than 50 sponsors for the last year's event. Morizo Shimizu, the BASS CITGO Bassmaster Tour/ Wal-Mart FLW Tour angler will be there as a guest.

+Team Best Run

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August 30, 2005

Shuya Akabane got the 3rd win on the row on W.B.S. 2005 final event

wbs055akabane-2.jpgThe 4th event of W.B.S. Professional Team Tournament 2005 was held in Lake Kasumi, and One of the oldest members of its organization, Shuya Akabane, won 3 of the 4 events they held this year, and it was the 3rd win on the row. 15 years of W.B.S.'s history, he had never won a big title (they open Class every year, and AOY system), yet he has been called one of the best pros around because of his constancy of finishing high on regular tournaments for the past 15 years. "I'm glad that could finally be able to achieve this level, but I still have the Classic to fish, " said Akabane. This tournament's 2nd finisher, Hideo Ebihara, came to finish the AOY race in 2nd place as well. Actually, he finished 2nd in AOY standing 3 years on the row.


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April 27, 2005

Murray leads day one of EverStart Series event on Lake Eufaula

EUFAULA, Ala. - Pro Jim Murray Jr. of Arabia, Ga., caught a five-bass limit weighing 24 pounds, 2 ounces to lead day one of the EverStart Series Southeast Division event on Lake Eufaula. A field of 196 pros is competing for a Ranger 519 VX powered by a Yamaha or Evinrude outboard, Minn Kota trolling motor, Garmin electronics and Everstart Batteries plus $10,000 cash. Ranger also awards an additional $10,000 to the winner if he is a qualified Ranger owner.

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November 22, 2004

BATNET 2nd 2005

BATNET'S 2nd tournament for 2005 season was held on Lake Biwa of Shiga, Japan on Nov. 21st. It rained on two days before the event. As a result, the unexpected cold front trashed the lake badly. On the tournament day, the sun came out but windy , and it was cold as hell. However, Youji Yasuda boated a 3240g big fish, weigh-inned 3 fish total for 6100g and won the tourney.


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November 14, 2004

Ono captures Basser Allstar Classic 2004


°°All tournament dates were covered today for the two days event of annual Basser Allstar Classic opened on Lake Kasumi and its waterways in Ibaraki Pref. of Japan. More fans gathered around the weigh-in stage in spite of the rain, and they loved the fantastic drive-thru weigh-in. And the last 4 anglers especially gave the more sensations than others. Norio Tanabe (BASS CITGO Bassmaster Tour 2005 quolifyer) led the 4, then Kouji Yoshida (W.B.S. superviser) took the lead. But finally, Day one's 2 place, Toshiro Ono brought a big stringer, weighed 6370g°°and captured his first Basser Allstar Classic crown.


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November 13, 2004

Some big fish were weigh-inned/ Basser Allstar Classic 2004: DAY 1

°°The 18th Basser Allstar Classic were opened today on Lake Kasumi and its waterways of Ibaraki of Japan. This 2 day event has been held on Lake Kasumi for 9 years now. It covers the largest water for the tournament opens in Japan. Because of the cold front, lots of anglers struggled; however, local favorite, the man who called himself the first Japanese bass pro 21 years ago, brought 2 of 2kg fish for the total of 5610g (4 bass) and took the top position for tomorrow's final. Toshiro Ono came in 2nd, Norio Tanabe: 3rd, Katsutoshi Furusawa: 4th, Morizo Shimizu: 5th today.


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September 29, 2004

TBC 2004 the 5th event


The 5th and the last of the 2004 series of Tonegawa Bass Club (TBC) was held on Tonegawa (Chiba prefecture, Japan) last Sunday, Sept. 26th. It rained a night before the tourney; as a result, this longest river of Japan got super muddy and made strong current. 112 contendors fished, but some brought back a good sack of bass to show. Mamoru Hanyu weigh-ined 5 limited bass of 6099g and won the tournament and won the AOY of TBC 2004. The last year's AOY, Mitsuo Suzuki, came in 4th place on this tourney.

+Hokuso Marine

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September 28, 2004

BIWAKO OPEN 2004 the 4th event

The 4th even of BIWAKO OPEN 2004, run by BIWAKO OPEN BASS CLUB, was held on Lake Biwa of Shiga Prefecture in Sept. 26th. Masaki Kitagawa brought 7320g for 3 fish and won its tournament. 2nd place Motohide Imaizumu also weigh-inned 3 bass which weight 7280g. Toshji Yoshmura came in 3rd.

+Arc Royal Boat Club

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September 20, 2004

Japan's First Ladys-only Tournamet Had its Season Fenale


The first girls-only bass fishing tournament organization called J.L.B.A. (Japan Ladies Bass Assossiation) opened its season-last tournament on Nagato River of Chiba Prefecture, Japan, in Sept. 19th. There was a deadheat battle for the first AOY of J.L.B.A. Chiho Higuchi caught a 660g of bass and said "it was like T.O. caught his last fish at the last minutes on Classic." She came in second last tournament, and this time she won the tourney and received the AOY title.

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September 13, 2004


ON SEPT. 12th on Lake Biwa of Chiga in Japan, BATNET CLASSIC IV was opened. Takahiro Fujii caught 5 fish for 10300g including the day's biggest bass of 3680g, and he won the tournament. 2nd place: Yasuhiro Yamamoto, 3rd Mitsuo Awaji, 4th Takufumi Naruo, 5th Susumu Hasegawa.


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May 23, 2004


JB WORLD & ECO WORLD PRO SERIES 2nd tournament on Lake Kawaguchi had the final day on May 23rd. It started under the think cloudy sky and began raining as soon as anglers boated away the marina. Tsuyoshi Yamazaki of Eco World category won his first title of JB World series.


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May 22, 2004


The weather was changed the Day 2 at the Lake Kawaguchi JB WORLD & ECO WORLD PRO SERIES; it was basically cloudy but rained and blew strong as well. Air temperature rapidly dropped a few degrees so that anglers had to face a totally different lake compared to yesterday's. Tadayuki kawagoe leads this day with 4675g including a 1700g big fish. Kazumasa Hoshino is 2rd, Kazuto Yamaki is 3rd, Kuniaki Shimizu is 4th, Tomohiro Kobayashi is 5th.

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May 21, 2004


°°JB WORLD & ECO WORLD PRO SERIES 2nd event, Tsuri Vision/ Barkley Cup, is now holding on Lake Kawaguchi in Yamanashi prefecture of Japan. On Day 1, there was a thunder storm coming near Japan; consequently, the event itself was on mood of canceling. Yet, a bright and sunny morning showed up, and anglers departed as usual.



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May 17, 2004

Chiba won with overwhelming strength/ TBC 2nd event of '04

°°On May 16th, TBC 2nd event of 2004 LABIOS CUP was held in Tone River and its waterways. It rained from the day light, the temperature dropped a few degrees Celsius, yet many anglers came to participate this tourney from different regions and belonging fishing associations. Despite 37% of all no-fished this day, Takashi Chiba, who takes part in TBC from this year, brought 5 fish limit, weighted 5688g and won his first TBC event. On his first TBC event, which was the TBC 1st of '04, he finished 4th. Also, he was the Bass of the Year (AOY of JB) in 2000, and he finished 2nd of JB World Series in points last year.
°°2nd place of TBC 2nd is Mamoru Hanyu, 3rd: Kenji Sudaka, 4th: Gentaro Oyabu, 5th: Katsuya Kubo.

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