Long time no gone fishing trout. I will take revenge on my wife at last!

  One night on Friday, I was watching my favorite Pro-wrestling program on Cable. Then,
  "Dodge, what are you gonna do tomorrow? Would you like to go somewhere?" My wife, Yucci, asked. (somehow, she calls me Dodge).
  When women ask guys "what do you wanna do?," in most cases, they already have plans lined up but they ask. And they are waiting for your answers like "no, I don't have a plan" or "Where do you wanna go?" The best answer would be "we can go anywhere you want."
  Yet, I was watching wrestling and don't want to think of anything else. Plus, it's weekend tomorrow, so I can stay up late, can get up late in the morning, and I can watch some fishing program all day long. And as I knew Yucchi wants some positive answers, ill-tempered me told her,
  "Well, I better watch some stuff I vidotaped, and put my CDs in order, and you don't like my room dirty, do you? I'll clean it up."
  I'd have to go shopping with her if I said I have no plan. But she stood in front of me, blocked the TV screen, and showed a tiny spinner.
  "Trout. Why don't we go fishing trout tomorrow?"
  This gesture reminds me a trauma I have... She is a real bad-ass trout fisher. We've gone fishing trout 5 times, but Iユve never won for numbers of catches.... (keep it as a secret, will ya!?). She catches small ones, but she catches twice as many as I do. In addition, she sleeps with a smile on her face when I am driving back home.
  I always thought that I have to make her cry over trout fishing some day in winter (because they are active when the temperature gets down). However, the opportunity just fell into my hands....
  This managed pond is just right on the corner of Narita Airport, which Japan's largest international airport.
   The pond you see in thi pic is the largest pond they have. There are 3 more back in the woods. In summer, bass can be caught on this main pond. Fly anglers fish their trouts on fly-only ponds.

What happened to the pond? Bass swim in the trout pond.

  We picked our battlefield at a managed trout pond in Chiba prefecture. (Chiba is a Tokyo's neighboring city). Managed pond.... I don't know the real name. It's a private pond where the company takes some fees from people and let them fish on the pond. They use the fees to release trout, clean the place, have restrooms, restaurant, and so on. They purchase trout from fish farms, not catching or netting outta wild rivers.
  There are 4 ponds at the managed area. 2 of them can be fished by lure and fly, but the other 2 are for fly fishing only.
  They release Rainbow trout, Queen, Brown, Brook, Rock, Sakhalin Taimen, White-spotted Charr, Japanese Charr, Masu Salmon, Red-spotted Masu Salmon.
  Isn't this nice?

  We arrived the place at 5 in the morning. Some guys were already fishing. And a couple of them were casting big ol' baits like Heddon Zaraspook. I thought,
  "What are they casting? It's a trout pond. They ain't gonna bite that big bait. Oh, I see. Trying to catch some monsters, huh."

  I tied Wander 60 of Lucky Craft. Yucci chose a F1 Minnow of Ever Green. (both are topnotch Japanese brands).
  I lost trout fishing last time.... well, lost 5 times in a row... Therefore, I must make my day! I made my first cast. Wonder is a sinking type of jerkbait like Rapala's CountDown minnow, so I let it slow-sink to the middle range, and I was about to start reeling. Then, fish bit my lure hard. I was smiling and said,
  "hey, I got a bi... wwhhaatt!!!???"
  She was reeling up a fish. But it wasn't trout. Mine, either. They were bass. Every cast we did, we caught bass. This went like 15 minutes, and I said,
  "What's going on? I'll go ask the office."
  I started walking up to the office, then a big poster jumped into my eyes. "A big release of Bass for summer." My jaw separated a big time.

(Pic: left up) It's my first W-hit, 2 bass on 1 lure. I caught them on Cool's SIESTA.

(Pic: left down) I wanted to use this rod! It was on sale, bought it for 3600 yen. A 5 piece. The lure was Ever Green's KICKER EATER.

(pic: right) I caught a rainbow trout on a jig.