May 20, 2004

Jon Bondy's "All You Can Catch" uploaded

basswave COLUMN, Jon Bondy's "All You Can Catch" part 6 is up on the net now. In this new article, you will find an interesting interview with a major pro angler whom every fisher knows.

+Jon Bondy's "All You Can Catch"

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May 12, 2004


Michael bell (from Australia)
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May 11, 2004

The Harley's Diary Part 2

Part 2 Special Report of BASS CITGO Bassmaster Tour 1st Tournament of 2004 Series

At this year's first BASS Tour event on the Harris Chain of Lakes in Leesburg, Florida, Takahiro Omori made the cut on Friday to move into the final 12. Weather turned sour on Saturday and Sunday, however, creating difficult conditions for all the remaining anglers including Omori, rain and drizzle challenging even the most hardy souls.

(Unfortunately, ALL of Florida's talented pro anglers were turned away after Friday's effort!)

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May 09, 2004

The Harley's Diary Part 1

Harley's Diary photo1TO-HO-PEK -I-LIGA. Now there's a mouthful! Locals and pros just callit TOHO. Actually, it's really West Lake Toho, as there is another completely separate lake in this Kissimmee Chain of Lakes known as East Lake Tohopekiliga or just East Lake!

The most obvious way to get onto the water on Toho is to launch at Kissimmee City Docks on the north end of the lake. However, others maller ramps are available at fish camps and recreation areas lining most of the lakes in the chain.

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May 08, 2004

Interview with Gary Dobyns

Interview with Gary Dobyns (July/2002)

Gary Dobyns is a professional angler who participates on the tournament organizations, mainly based out of the West Coast of the U.S. Because he basically fish the tournaments out West, he is not well-known in the nation level fishing competition, yet he is certainly one of the top pros out there. As a matter of fact, he was qualified to B.A.S.S. Bassmasters Classic back in 1999.
Especially among the anglers of northern California, Dobyns is one of the most respected guys out there. He has a lot of experiences including B.A.S.S. tournaments, recently, he won the Don Pedro tournament of the WON BASS Northern Region tournament (June 6 to 8th). His strength does not show the sign which declines.
Now it's the turning era that many pros are trying to fish on larger nation level tournaments, such as Bassmaster Tour or FLW Tour, but Dobyns determines to stay out West. asked him the reasons why he does not participate the nation-wide tournaments, and the things he prefers to fish Western tournaments.
He just received the Angler of the Year title of WON BASS Northern Region, and he has also made 8 single wins on this organization. This interview will reveal a little bit of secrets.

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