October 05, 2005

Four crack decrease from peak, Lake Biwa's alien fish

On Oct. 4th, Shiga prefecture, Japan that continued the foreign fish extermination on Lake Biwa perceived that the living amount presumption of the foreign fish which inhabited the lake assumed to be decrease on the fourth to about 60 percent at the peak (spring of 2002) in the spring of this year that lived in the whole area of lake. Bass and bluegill miniaturize, and a prefecture examines a more effective extermination method and aims at "zero foreign fish". [Reported in the Chunichi Shinbun]

+Chunichi Shinbun

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April 10, 2005

NPO of Sendai develop fish reef

NPO in Sendai "river maintenance study group" developed the fish reef to protect small fish from the black bass which continue increasing in number, and made the patent application. It contains structures which make it easy to breed insects, algas that use rock and driftwood and serve as food of small fish. The study group considers it is expected to appeal to the organs to be installed in a river in the city. (original is written in Japanese).

+NPO of Sendai develop fish reef

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January 22, 2005

Largemouth is now listed in nonindigenous species law

Largemouth bass was supposed to be left off the list of nonindigenous species law as the meeting determined. This was announced on 19th, but on 21st, the minister of the Environment Ministry told "this law was started discussing bass and the environmental circumstance. Therefore, it is nonsense to leave the fish off the list. They should be designated." As a result, the chief staff of the natural environment of the Environment Ministry stated he received will from the minister and declared to include bass in the law.

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January 21, 2005

Largemouth bass was left off nonindigenous species law

In January 19th of 2005°Ęthe Environment Ministry determined to leave largemouth bass off the list of nonindigenous species law. If this law included bass, the fish are going to be prohibited to import from outside of Japan and also prohibited to distribute one lake to another. As if this law included bass, fishing bass isn't illegal. However, it surely gives a negative thought against this sportfishing. Japanese bass anglers are facing terrible pinch right now. For more information, read Daily Yomiuri On-Line (written in English).

+Daily Yomiuri On-Line
+Daily Yomiuri's "Largemouth bass left off list of banned foreign species"

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January 16, 2005

Virginaia State Record Striped Bass Landed

A 63-lb., 8-oz. striped bass caught on January 2nd by Paul W. Kleckner of Greenbackville has been certified as a new Virginia state record by the Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament.

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October 04, 2004

The 9th Ikenkoukankai was held in Ibaraki

On Oct. 3rd in Tsuchiura city of Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan, Kasumigauwa River office of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry opened the 9th Ikenkoukankai, a workshop and hearing. This meething was started Dec. 15th of 2002 in order to consider the nature of the Kanto-region's largest, Japan's second largest lake, Lake Kasumi. There were topics including water level, biogeocenosis, properties of water, industry/ tourism, educatioin for environment, citizen participation and so on. And this time, people's most interested subject, properties of water, was discussed again, and the meeting was entitled "improve and maintain water quality on Lake Kasumi." A former DAg of Tokyo University, Toshio Tabuchi, reported the hints of improvement of its water quality. He pointed rapid decrease of lake's self-cleansing mechanism and pollutional load. This hearing's data and past advices can be looked on the website of Kasumigauwa River office.

+Kasumigauwa River office

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