October 19, 2005

This is the last! Presents from basswave

present03-1.jpgWe are giving away 3 sets of these 7 items for 3 people. T-shirt (Reaction Innovations), autographed Bagley B3 (Bagley), a crankbait of Premium Balsa Series (Lee Sisson Lures), a no-name-yet crankbait (Thornwood Lures), Sumo Frog (Boze), Nitlon 8Lb line (Yotsuami), Squid worm (Bass Pro Shops).

lee_roy-1.jpgcppresent-1.jpgThose who want to have a set of those items, write your zip code, snail address, name, age, telephone #, and also please give us some comments and suggestions. Send the information to:contact@basswave.jp

You can only send it once. The deadline for this present is 5:00 PM, October 24th, 2005, Tokyo time. Winners will be selected by lottery, and announced on basswave.jp.
In addition, the personal information that you send is not going to be used in other purposes except this present.

+Reaction Innovations
+Nature Friend, Inc.
+Lee Sisson Lures
+Thornwood Lures, Inc.

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