July 30, 2004

2004 CITGO Bassmaster Classic qualifers

The 34th CITGO Bassmaster Classic will be held on NC's Lake Wylie from July 30th to August 1st. 5 anglers from federation, 3 from each Opens, 25 from the Tour, 10 from Elite 50, plus AOY of 2003, in total of 53 will compete for the Classic title.

AOY of 2003
Jay Yelas

Russ Lane
William Pippen
Thad Takes
Jeff Boyer
George Acord

Southern Open
Tim Horton
David Walker
Denny Brauer

Central Open
Edwin Evers
Tim Carroll
Steve Sennikoff

Northern Open
Art Ferguson III
Kevin Wirth
Chuck Economou

Western Open
Bink Desaro
John Murray
Skeet Reese

Bassmaster Tour
Gerald Swindle
Michael Iaconelli
Kelly Jordon
Aaron Martens
Scott Suggs
Bernie Schultz
Takahiro Omori
Brent Chapman
Chad Brauer
Davy Hite
Chris Baumgardner
Marty Stone
Brett Hite
Jim Bitter
Lee Bailey
Peter Thliveros
Harold Allen
Mark Kile
Brian Snowden
Mike McClelland
Randy Blaukat
Paul Elias
Mark Tucker
Jason Quinn
Ben Matsubu

Kevin VanDam
Stacey King
Alton Jones
Greg Hackney
Gary Klein
Zell Rowland
Mark Davis
Dean Rojas
Tommy Biffle
Dustin Wilks

BASS Communications -July 30, 2004

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